Consciousness Heals: Change Your Thoughts & Improve Your Health.

As we discuss in extensive detail in the YUSA Guide, we’re currently caught in a whirlwind epidemic of illness and dependency on the modern health care system. So much so, that millions of people predominantly in the western world just expect a doctor and their prescription pills to cure them of their conditions. The frightening thing is that so many people are unaware that most of the commonly suffered conditions and ailments are preventable by just making better lifestyle choices. The even scarier fact is that people now rely on these pills unaware they’re not always the most effective treatment and usually unaware of the side effects.

Now, if you found out you could fly, you’d never catch a bus again, why deal with the inconvenience of waiting in the cold, dealing with delays and the rising costs of tickets if you could fly? That’s right all of you reading this excluding the ones with vertigo would never use public transport again. So if we bring it to your attention that you don’t need to be a superhero to possess tremendous abilities, not quite stretching as far as flying but to heal your mind and physical body, would you be so quick to pop those pills?

The essential components of living a healthy life have been studied since before man discovered that the doc leaf eased the nettle sting, in more modern times research has of course advanced dramatically and more and more compelling evidence has been documented showing the minds involvement in both the improvement and decline of health conditions. Of course being healthy requires maintaining a healthy lifestyle concerning habitual & dietary choices, but most importantly, emotional and psychological balance and well-being are vital.

A lot of people fail to appreciate the power of the mind-body connection and to put that into context, the gastrointestinal system that contains more nerve endings that the brain can often flood the body with sensations of sickness when we feel overly stressed or traumatised.

Whenever you’re ill and feeling under the weather, if you tell yourself and believe that you’re not going to feel better, you’re only limiting your possible solutions in becoming well. It’s very easy to slip into the victim mentality and almost entirely relieve yourself of responsibility of recovering expecting someone or something to fix you. Unfortunately, in that frame of mind you’re not going to get better because you will not take the necessary steps required to improve your condition.

Stress is on the rise and arguably the leading cause in mental health issues worldwide with it being estimated that 1 in 4 people suffer or face one type of mental illness or another at some point in their life. Stress is an unseen and very slow killer as it triggers a physical release of cortisol that attacks the body internally.

The reality of positive thinking is scientifically proven to decrease stress almost instantaneously; through the power of positivity infinite possibilities become available to you when you come to optimising your lifestyle for the healthier good. Positive thinking becomes impossible if self-love is not present. The ability to appreciate oneself unconditionally alongside the art of analysing the choices you make strongly influences how you feel about yourself. So it’s understandable if you do not value yourself high enough, you will never prioritise your health. Especially in the western world alcohol, tobacco, drugs and food are used as was of suppressing the stress and these unhealthy lifestyle behaviours are major contributing factors to the alarming rise of chronic disease on our planet.

Through the awakening that is going on in the world, more and more are realising that external forces do not entirely control life and that they have a lot more power than they first give themselves credit for. We each have the power to manifest disease and illness just as we have the power to promote health and balance in our lives. And it starts with the quality of our thoughts and making choices based on those positive thoughts we create and allow to resonate repeatedly.

Never forget, we are all unique and therefore we each process this reality differently, we each have a different filter that we choose to view the world through. There is no right or wrong way to think or feel, just as there is there is no right or wrong way of doing anything. We all have deep-rooted beliefs and habits that drive us to do and act how we do, some of them are constructive and some of them are negative to our overall well-being physically, mentally and spiritually.

The amazing thing is that we all have the ability to break the cycle of negative and unsupportive habits and beliefs, but to do this requires the stepping back and observation of the thoughts we have about ourselves. Meditation and such practices that raise the awareness of the self are very efficient and help ground us in the present moment. When we allow our minds to dwell on the past or worry about the future, we expose our bodies to unnecessary stress. It’s only in the present moment that we can consciously control the stress-induced release of cortisol and its effects.

Benefits of Meditation

Improved mood and working memory even under stress.

Meditation is not an activity designed to take us away from the problems of life; rather it helps us face them with our full capacity.

Alleviate mental distraction.

Training the mind to stay focused is a major #motivation for practising meditation.

Increase brain size.

Meditating actually causes your brain to grow. However, age tends to cause thinning in the frontal-cortex. Without proper mental exercise, the gray matter responsible for language, cognition and emotional processing gradually degrades.

Enhanced Immune System.

Studies show that meditation not only improves mood, but also improves the quality of your immune response.

Alleviates Symptoms of Sickness.

Meditation helps improve the symptoms from a wide range of physical and mental conditions, such as: - Heart disease, High blood pressure, Cancer, Depression, Anxiety and Allergies.

Decreased Fatigue.

Meditation is a better stimulant for you than a cup of coffee.

Get’s you Flowing.

Losing yourself in the activity, intuitively knowing what you're going to do next, reacting spontaneously and purposefully to present circumstances, being unaware of the passage of time and confidence in your ability to face challenges; these are all feelings which accompany a state of flow.

Heightens Empathy.

Cultivating compassion can have a profound impact on how we deal with others. Forgiveness and compassion are important for building strong relationships.

Welcomes Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is possibly the end-all of spiritual aspiration. This elusive attainment has kept philosophers and spiritual seekers contemplating the mysteries of the world for thousands of years

Many people who first attempt to meditate give up after the first attempt because they are misinformed of what to expect, what the process is and how it truly benefits the practitioner. On top of that most people after a few times practising will still struggle to picture their desires vividly so here at YUSA, we have put together a fast track to benefiting from Alpha Wave meditation which features in the YUSA Guide to Balance available here.

Alpha Wave Creative Meditation Practice.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced meditator, with the assistance of brainwave entrainment technology you can gently lower your brainwaves to a focused alpha level while remaining in complete thought awareness. In this altered state of consciousness, you will gain access to your subconscious mind, intuition and other great powers hidden within.

Start by sitting upright, back straight and listening to the recommended alpha frequency audio which can be found on the YUSA YouTube channel (remember to use headphones).

Get comfortable with your breathing and the vibrations of the audio.

Practice inhaling, holding the breath, then exhaling for four seconds, moving on to seven seconds after some time.

After 15 to 25 minutes of stillness, you will be in the alpha state of mind. You will start to feel very relaxed, and your eyes will be heavy.

Now, tilt your head upward about 20 degrees. Project a mental screen outward, roughly two metres in front of you at this angle.

Now, once comfortable at this angle, you can start to project images, scenarios and events that you want to create onto this mental screen.

Breathe in deeply through the nose whilst making vivid mental pictures of your scenario in the mid-brow forehead region (third eye). Repeat this for a short while.

Feel the burning desire in your heart-space and intense gratitude for receiving your desires at such speed! You can practice this for as long as you would like.

Just as so many people like to claim cannabis is a gateway drug, Meditation is a gateway to deeper inner-standing magnifying one's self-awareness triggering the required motivation to makes changes in our lives for a happier and healthier lifestyle.