The YUSA Guide to Instagram Part.1

YUSA's primary role on this planet we feel is to promote, provide, and connect people with the information, tools and schools of peoples they require to release themselves from the shackles of self-limitation, and we cannot do it by ourselves. Instagram without a question is our favourite social media network and since we joined have met some of the most amazing people across the world, some we have been lucky enough to become friends. What brings us together is our mission of spreading positive vibes, lifting the veil on the neatly packaged lies and motivating you to become the best possible version of yourself.

In this age of information one of the hardest thing we all face is having to deal with sifting through the constant stream of disinformation to find the truth, and the social media playground is no exception. What we have decided to do is once a month put together a list Instagram feeds that will bring that conscious uplifting knowledge straight to your phone on a daily basis. 


There is no way we could start off this list without making sure one of the most consistently credible sources of raw information gets a mention. 4BiddenKnowledge for those who don’t know is an out an out whistle-blower, a dedicated liberator of information hidden in plain site.  His post’s range from presenting suppressed scientific discoveries made both here on Earth and throughout the cosmos to the on-going raging war on human consciousness opposing the ‘elitist’ agenda.

4BK is not a ‘reposter’ everything that appears on his timeline is backed up with accurate, traceable & scholarly references, unlike many people out here spreading the message he really is dedicated to delivering the truth and is known to attend some of the most prestigious conferences rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s finest minds attached to the associations fighting for the freedom of information.

Additionally to spread this research he has developed his smartphone app delivering real-time updates to your phone that you can get from. DOWNLOAD HERE

You may want to follow @4BiddenKnowledge if you’re interests are steered towards finding out what the government and international space agencies in particular are hiding from us then this account will add so extra intellect to your timeline.


The ACC collective is an account consistently spreading the diving knowledge from all things metaphysical to the detoxification of the body for the purpose of spiritual liberation. What makes the ACC timeline special is the variety of information you get exposed to from some of the best Instagram accounts known to the conscious community. We have been long-term followers of the collective and seen them grow from strength to strength, they have recently announced their intentions to take their brand to the next level and put the notion of unifying the people into action.

They’re currently working on the content and expansion of the long awaited where they will be hosting worldwide events on particular days, you, the people will be able to sign up to be eligible to host (CCC) Conscious Collective Connections events in your area.

We would especially recommend anyone who has been contemplating setting up physical events in their local areas to unite and enlighten the community to add @AwakenedConsciousCollective.


One of the feelings commonly experienced by those treading the spiritual path is alienation, for one reason or another we all feel this and it’s time like those that timelines like SpiritualThoughts (Nicole) come perfectly timed and presented. In addition to the beautifully worded reminders of universal oneness and improvement are the occasional posts sourced from her very own Etsy store advertising her handcrafted crystal jewellery.

Being a meditation enthusiast, Nicole is regularly providing tips and motivation that would be particularly suited to those just getting into meditation. Out of all of the accounts, we are featuring today, we are regularly reposting Nicole’s content, we highly recommend you add @SpiritualThoughts to your timeline.


We’ve all experienced those days where the motivation levels are lower than normal, and your dreams and desires seem further away than ever, for those days there, you’d be glad to have @BennyEsco11’s feed in your life. Unlike some of the accounts that we have featured this edition, which are focused on giving you information, Benny is all about inspiring you to actually apply that knowledge to your life and make positive changes. What sets Benny out from the crowd along with his inspiration and his originality is engagement with his audience, get at him with your questions and you're sure to get an answer.

In addition to the inspirational ‘get your ass out of bed and change the world’ style Instagram feed, Benny hosts The Global Shift Movement a free to join community chat group full of like-minded people from all across the world bouncing ideas around enabling global networking at its finest. You can join and get the app here at The Global Shift Movement.

Mental and Spiritual liberation will remain a notion and simply a vision to the unmotivated, if you're the entrepreneurial type the we recommend you check out @BennyEsco11. 

Since the launch of the YUSA Guide last year, we have had an enormous amount of readers out in California and we owe a lot of the recognition and consideration we get to the Guru that is Andre Sandoval. Dubbed the director from the streets of Santa Ana, CA has been uplifting the consciousness and spreading through his day to day life embracing his spirituality and connecting with the wonderful souls that cross his path.

Andre is not only a lightworker but a keen Yoga and Meditation enthusiast and hosts lessons at the @8thCharkaStudios and infuses his continually expanding spiritual experience into his writing mixed with his very visually captivating images and offers the information to motivate, inspire and unify the various sects of the conscious community.

If you want to get a visual insight into the Californian spiritual lifestyle through the camera lens of a real enlightened soul, you will want to hit that follow button and brighten up your timeline.