The Real Realisation in the Awakening: Embracing your Spiritual Purpose.

When one removes themselves completely from the modern day corporate financial survival style mind state, even if just for one moment, the universal feeling of a higher purpose tends to creep into the gut. The feelings one can experience in these moments range and are always unique to each individual but keep a universal theme of unexplained satisfaction, faith and reliance in the unknown. Moreover that your true self, your spirit, was not given the gift of experiencing this physical world to surrender our valuable time in exchange for worthless pieces of paper, which let’s face it as a species have been conditioned to idolise, all to only conform with pointless consumerism that is crippling the planet.

We overstand that it is every human beings sole birthright on the planet to be granted access to the highest truth and utmost understanding of self to enable personal growth beyond the limitations and expectations of modern society. Many are at a crossroads in life and realise that the truth lies beyond what is portrayed in society today. In an age where information is so readily communicated, it's becoming increasingly difficult to decipher truth from disinformation with the external distractions that tend to steer the mind and awareness further from the true self.

It’s said that a person or group of people's philosophy of life, cultural expression, and behavioural patterns are based on their belief in the mortality or immortality of their spirit or true self. This is easily visualised when looking at the western world and the underlying view that is projected by the materialists, that life on the earth is just a one-time experience. This to our opinion explains why so many people reach the latter stages of their physical lives feeling unfulfilled or dissatisfied with the way they have spent their time. Because the mainstream focus is continually aimed in favour of material acquisition, many fall victim to distraction and become diverted from the true calling of satisfying the spirits thirst for expansion. Just like so many millions of people across the world, and especially those ‘waking up’ we believe the materialist theory of there being no life after death to be incorrect.

"The relationship is more like the relationship of the TV signal to the TV set and in that case when the TV set is broken of course the TV signal continues and this is the paradigm of all spiritual traditions – that we are immortal souls, temporarily incarnated in these physical forms to learn and to grow and to develop”

Graham Hancock, Author Fingerprints of the Gods / Magicians of the Gods

As per the world's recorded history, we know we're not the only civilisation to have these instinctual beliefs that the spirit or true self continues to exist beyond the expiry of the physical body. That belief was too held by our most spiritually connected ancient ancestors the Khemites who are depicted even in our whitewashed history books as a ‘high culture’. The Kemites aka Egyptians for at least 3500 years visually displayed their intricate knowledge of the spirit/body relationship on the walls of many great megaliths such as the pyramids that still stand today.

In Ancient Khemet, above the entrance of each temple and lodge serving as an academic and scientific learning centre, appeared the phrase:“Man Know Thyself."As shown pictured below.

Before we talk about recognising your purpose, it's first good to have an understanding of the way in which we define purpose. Of course, the term loosely used can determine a range of things, but today we’re going beyond the basic material purpose that covers things like the job title you choose to adopt or a status you aim to achieve in social rankings.

We take the definition of purpose from a spiritual evolutionary perspective, which at the foundation demands the open mind to accept the reality that consciousness at its highest level is what we perceive as ‘god’.  The Spirit is immortal and that each time our Spirit re-enters into a physical body we are given the opportunity to expand the universal and collective knowledge.

The term or phrase "Know Thy Self" which is found in many of the world’s religious scriptures originating from the elders from tribes in Kush, Nubia and Ethiop even before Kemet ever existed has been an essential teaching in all spiritual faculties but the meaning has been slightly misconstrued.

The word "Know" in this context does not mean just to gather as much information as you can and store it in your brain for a rainy day, for example, do you know how to drive a car because you've read every handbook written about driving yet never sat behind the wheel? The answer is no, and a driving instructor would not give you your licence until you have proven on a physical level that you know how to drive. The word 'know' in this phrase is synonymous with the word ‘live’. The point being raised is not that knowledge needs external validation only that to know is to be able to implement and experience what you know.

The proceeding phrase Thyself is typically misconceived just to represent the physical body which to be clear is not entirely true, the physical body is better defined as the vessel or an extension of the spirit directed by the conscious and unconscious mind that we know at its highest level is believed to be the creator energy. So after piecing the words back together, we get the true meaning of ‘Know thyself’ which says to live, learn and experience life on earth as a 'God' or your true self.

As you begin to recognise your true self, certain tell-tale signs are previously unconsidered that become increasingly apparent, you will start to realise that for almost as long as you can remember that everything has happened for a reason. You become aware that the world was never conspiring against you only guiding you towards that big moment of clarity. This, unfortunately, includes all of the difficult personal obstacles, the heartbreaking relationships and countless brick walls we all occasionally face plant into sometimes in the direst circumstances. Your true self no longer attaches to these situations as negatives; they’re only recognised as lessons in which further inner-standing can be attained.

When in alignment with your true self, your attention to the process of ‘how’ you achieve something holds little influence on your ability to focus on the result. For some of your friends, family members and loved ones your aura of confidence may be as difficult to comprehend as it is for you to explain. You can’t always say how you know things, but you just “know”. What you’re experiencing is the connection to the stream of universal intuition. This mysterious, unexplainable confidence is something that can’t be ignored and fuels you to create and manifest in the physical realm what feels good on the inside.

We are all unique and what direction we believe we must take typically is influenced by the desire to benefit the greater good and many people find themselves in vocational roles that attempt to serve the public.

Your true self has the best intentions for your longevity at hand at all times and this is communicated through the body’s heightened sensitivity to the foods you’re consuming. Many people stepping into their higher selves abandon the typical modern day fast food diet and replace it with a more naturally occurring & humane diet. Everyone attaches to their own reasons for choosing healthier food on the ‘conscious level’ of the decision, whether it be for weight-loss and appearance or health reasons.

Having this unquantifiable non-verbal connection with the higher-self tends to raise alarm bells concerning the harsh realities of the world’s factory farming industry. Some consciously and others subconsciously become alerted towards the enormous accumulation of negative karmic energy as a result of what we as humans decide to put on our plates and it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing a plant-based diet in compassion for animals.

It cannot be ignored life would be utterly meaningless without the connections that we establish and build with those too experiencing this physical-spiritual medley of existence. As we open up to our true power through our higher self, the visions and thoughts that permeate our minds start appearing in real life scenarios creating opportunities for you to act on. At first, many people describe their experience as a series of coincidences that conveniently place them at the right place at the right time to receive the right information, the word coincidences here is a misnomer, what have experienced is universal synchronicity. Synchronicity is the universe pulling the strings to bring things to your attention wither it be by presenting new information or clues towards new data leading to further down your path or simply by bringing new people into your social sphere. With synchronicity you no longer have to work as hard to bring your thoughts into reality you have confidence that it will be served in a timely fashion.

Just as we have an obligation to eat healthily and exercise to maintain an active lifestyle, we have the equally important responsibility of nourishing and expanding our knowledge of true self, the Spirit. The life purpose identified by the higher self once recognised by you can lead to a life of endless satisfaction both internally and via the reality you experience.