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We Came Across A Statistic Which Scared Us!!!

1 in 4 adults read no books last year; that’s 25% of the adults out there are reading zero books. This is sad. And we wonder why the world is in turmoil. Reading is an active mental process, Unlike TV, books make you use your brain. By reading, you think more and become smarter. Research has proven that reading can:

☥ - Expand Vocabulary.
☥ - Boost Creativity.
☥ - Improves Writing Ability.
☥ - Enhances Memory.
☥ - Develops Analytic Thinking ​.
☥ - Gives you a glimpse into other cultures and places.
☥ - Improves concentration and focus.
☥ - Builds self-esteem.
☥ - Improves your discipline.
☥ - Improves your reasoning skills.
☥ - Builds your expertise​.
☥ - Decreased boredom.
☥ - Reduces stress.

Maybe because he had the ability to generate free energy
thus collapsing a large monopoly controlled by the elitist?

Some will agree we are living in the belly of the beast with all the distracting technologies.For the best part we'd agree, but with most opinions there are exceptions, and this is most certainly one of them.

We hope this makes you smile...

Are they really in control over your emotions,
Are they that powerful in comparison?

People will try to distract you.
Drag you into their feelings and more.
All externals are temporary whereas you are you eternal.
Stay grounded & focused on the prize as there is nobody more important than you.

Meditation Misnomer...

Many people who first attempt to meditate give up after the first attempt because they're misinformed of what to expect, what the process is and how it truly benefits the practitioner. Most people after a few times practising will still be struggling to generate a vivid picture of there desires so here at YUSA we have put together a fast track to benefiting from Alpha Wave meditation.

Alpha Wave Creative Meditation Practice.
(Taken From The YUSA Guide To Balance: Mind Body Spirit)

Whether you are a beginner or advanced meditator, with the assistance of brainwave entrainment technology you can gently lower your brainwaves to a focused alpha level while remaining in complete thought awareness. In this altered state of consciousness, you will gain access to your subconscious mind, intuition and other great powers hidden within.

☥ - Start by sitting upright, back straight and listening to the recommended alpha frequency audio which an be found on the YUSA YouTube channel (remember to use headphones).

☥ - Again, like any meditation exercise, start to get comfortable with breathing and the vibrations of the audio. Practice inhaling, holding the breath, then exhaling for four seconds, moving on to seven seconds after some time.

☥ - After 15 to 25 minutes of stillness, you will be in the alpha state of mind.You will start to feel very relaxed, and your eyes will be heavy. Now, tilt your head upward about 20 degrees.

☥ - Project a mental screen outward, roughly two metres in front of you at this angle. Now, once comfortable at this angle, you can start to project images, scenarios and events that you want to create onto this mental screen.

☥ - Breathe in deeply through the nose whilst making vivid mental pictures of your
scenario in the mid-brow forehead region (third eye). Repeat this for a short while.

☥ - Feel the burning desire in your heart-space and intense gratitude for receiving your desires at such speed! You can practice this for as long as you would like.

The Choice to Eat Meat These Days
Comes With a Large Karmic Price Tag.

Factory farm operators have to force cows to produce the milk continuously. This is achieved by impregnating them using artificial insemination then the calves are taken from their mothers around a day after being born. Males are destined for empty lots or veal crates, where they will be fed GMO feed and fattened for beef production.

Each and every female awaits the same fate as their mothers. The cows are hooked up several times a day, genetically manipulated, inseminated and pumped with growth hormone, so they can produce anywhere between 3–5 times as more milk as they would naturally to feed their calves.

The growth hormone BVG has been banned in some countries due to its toxic, harmful effects on cow and human health.A cow in the dairy industry is usually killed after 4–5 years of slavery; their bodies are processed into animal food and low-grade hamburger meats.

It seems that this whole industry is quite pointless as the products you the consumer receive are riddled with harmful substances and an added dynamic component of fear and suffering. Other milk choices taste a lot better and have wider benefits to your health.

"Man serves the interests of no creature except himself."
George Orwell