The Fountain of Vibrant Life - Living Enzymes

Enzymes are the sparks of life that ignite the fires within your digestive system. They keep you alive whilst ones enzyme activity is an accurate way to measure the life force of the individual. Humans are alive due to the thousands of enzymes that work towards regulating the overall life processes. Enzymes are the physical agents of life holding essential roles in digestion, detoxification from internal/external pollution and for immune system, metabolic and regenerative processes.

It is known that cooking or boiling food anywhere above 42 degrees Celsius for half an hour or more will destroy 100 per cent of the plant enzymes. In other words, any type of cooking, boiling, baking, canning, food irradiation, frying and microwave cooking kills enzymes. Even boiling food for three minutes will take away a large percentage of the enzymes’ vital force. Enzyme levels are indicative of your state of health and there is enough research backing to say that one’s enzyme reserve is a direct link to longevity and vitality.

Enzymes are known to contain two key concepts:

(1) Enzymes are living, biochemical factors that activate and carry out the biological processes in the body. This includes all digestive activities, detoxification on physical levels, nerve impulses, healing the body and the functioning of RNA/DNA.

(2) The capacity of an organism to make enzymes is exhaustible. Therefore on the biological level, how enzyme resources are utilised and replenished will be a measure of your overall health, longevity and energetic vibration.

When you make the conscious decision to consume more plant-based, nutrient dense foods (which are filled with prana life force energy derived straight from nature) you then begin to maintain continuous exogenous enzyme structure within your body. This ultimately means there will be a decrease in the endogenous (produced within or caused by factors within the organism) enzyme structure. You can go ahead and research the scientific studies online. They all suggest that excess enzymes released from enzyme-rich, living foods are absorbed into the body, therefore increasing your systemic energy flow and allowing you to experience higher states of health, happiness and well-being.

It is medically observed that in the most degenerative diseases and bodily functions there is an underlying factor directly connected to the body being nutritionally depleted and enzyme-exhausted, leading to an incomplete metabolism. The more workable and energised enzyme systems you maintain, the more opportunities are open for you to receive energisation and rejuvenation. All undigested food within the body must be eliminated as toxins or to prevent a build-up of acidosis. Consuming dead foods slowly depletes the enzyme energy within the body as all of the life force is used for digestion purposes and eliminating waste. A direct link can be drawn, therefore, between the number of people falling sick and the number of people consuming contaminated, dead foods.

If you pay conscious attention, remaining aware to what you are consuming and start to replenish lost enzymes, nutrients and minerals through utilising the information presented in this book, then you will definitely experience healthier states of biological functioning. This, in turn, will reverse and minimise the ageing process as you now have an abundance of living enzymes that are more available to enhance other bodily processes. You will also feel more content within yourself.

Consuming foods and using herbs that are still fresh and full of the prana life-force is one of the best ways to enhance your body’s enzyme reserve. Doing so diminishes the physiological ageing process and maximising the rejuvenation process. 95 percent of foods that take up the supermarket shelves are void of enzymes, in other words contain no ‘plant life force’. Every time you have a burger, bun, pizza, fast-food meal or anything else that comes in a packet, tin or can, your body has to dip into its own enzyme resources to make up for the shortfall.

Enzymes are lost through stress, alcohol and processed foods. You can’t get them back from Diet Coke, hot dogs or coffee. You can only replace them with raw, whole foods, including juices.

Other Important bodily factors enzymes assist with:

- They increase your general energy level and vitality

- They aid in detoxifying the body

- They are catalyses that make digestion and all metabolic processes work

- They are living proteins that direct the life-force into our basic biochemical and metabolic process

- They repair your DNA/RNA

- They transform and store vital life force/Chi energy within the cellular structure and energetic counterpart of the physical body

- They make encourage active hormone production

- They balance and enhance many aspects of our immune system by decreasing and minimising the immune-mediated inflammation of joints

- They prevent blood clots and almost all vascular disease

- They have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect and so decrease pain

Enzymes are substances that make life possible. They are needed for every chemical reaction that takes place in the human body. No mineral, vitamin, or hormone can do any work without enzymes. Our bodies, all our organs, tissues and cells are run by metabolic enzymes.’-Dr. Edward Howell[i], 'Enzyme Nutrition'

[i] 'Enzyme Nutrition. Fact attributed to Dr. Edward Howell. Sourced from Written By Walter Kacera, Ph.D. D.N.

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