The Ancient Healing Secret of Urine Therapy

This is a subject that is largely dismissed by so many in the Western world. If you were to mention it to somebody, you would most probably be labelled as insane, but your own urine has natural healing powers that can control and cure all kinds of diseases and imbalances. It is very effective healing modality and a powerful natural treatment.

Urine therapy is the ancient method of treatment that has been practised from generation to generation in small global communities who understand and accept the nature of the human body’s recycling and regenerating mechanism.

This ancient methodology is an entirely drugless effective system that works towards healing all kinds of chronic diseases and maintains super vibrant health. Many people have a stigma attached to urine and are heavily conditioned to perceive it as being somewhat dirty and unclean. However, this is untrue as fresh urine is actually more sterile than your own blood and holds high cleansing properties as long as you’re eating a balanced natural diet and you are not consuming contaminated foods laden with chemical poisons.

You should do your own in-depth research on this subject as it will allow you to develop a positive attitude and realise the natural healing powers that lie within. A person who may be suffering from chronic disease and adopts urine therapy with positive and optimistic attitude will be able to realise and observe the benefits in their mental and physical health within a short period of around 4–9 days.

‘Your medicine is in you and you do not observe it. Your ailment is from yourself but you do not register it.’~ Hazrat Ali

It is a fact that millions upon millions of people worldwide are suffering due to chronic illnesses, bodily disorders and innumerable diseases, leading many feeling helpless and dejected. The numbers of those falling victim to disease are rising every single year and it is mainly due to a lack of self-knowledge and ignorance to what foods they are consuming on a daily basis.

Nature has indeed provided humans with all natural amenities such as air, water, fruits, vegetables, sunlight, which are all essential for the body to thrive and survive. Every human being has also been provided with the ‘divine nectar’ known as urine, which flows from the body for preservation of health and to cure various diseases, just as milk from a mother’s breast has been provided for the nourishment of an infant child. Recycling urine is the same methodology of composting your soils.

Urine therapy is an effective natural remedy with has no side effects. It has been known to prevent, cure and control all kinds of chronic diseases such as cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failure, arthritis, hair loss, psoriasis, mental and emotional imbalances, cerebral palsy and more.

Consuming clean urine alongside a diet rich in minerals and enzymes can boost the immune system, improve nervous disorders and dissolve deep rooted toxins from the body. Dead tissues can also be revived and the resistance power of vital organs such as the brain, pancreas, heart, lungs, intestines etc. can be enhanced greatly.

Urine is completely drug–free, purifying the blood as it contains the necessary compounds, vitamins, minerals, salts, hormones and chemical compounds, which are essential for growth and maintenance of the human body. The taste and colour is completely dependent on what you eat and drink, consuming a balanced light diet, keeping hydrated with lots of water and juices will ensure urine is passed that will contain large saturations of multiple vitamins.

Another great use for urine is treating insect and poisonous bites. Painful, burning tired eyes and cataracts can be relieved by dropping fresh urine into them. You can gargle fresh urine to relieve tooth aches and gum problems, it should be kept in the mouth for up to 30 minutes for maximum relief.

Toothaches disappear and teeth stay healthy as the urine is antifungal, anti-viral and anti-parasitic. The human kidneys are the best filtration system in the world; they micro filter all of the nutrients and minerals to be recycled into the body and rapidly absorbed into the cells. The kidneys generate chi (life force) energy, which is what makes the urine so powerful. You are literally drinking the purest life energy available.

If you want smooth, flawless skin and a healthy appearance, then massaging fresh urine daily onto your skin with a flannel every morning and evening is recommended. This is a secret that many use in the beauty industry. Most of the skin and beauty products on the shelves are made with urea! Urine is effective as an aftershave lotion for anybody who has sensitive skin and is a wonderful aid for baldness and hair loss. There are so many benefits for urine therapy there could be whole books written on the subject – and there are.

It is important to note that when practicing the more intensive form of urine therapy, you follow a diet low in protein and salt. Avoid processed foods such as sugar, white flour, canned foods and genetically modified foods. Dairy products and meat are not recommended as they produce a great deal of mucous within the body. Reduce the intake of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and any other acidic forming agents. Urine will alkalise the whole body and bring organs, glands and the nervous system back into equanimity.

Urine therapy is the ancient method of treatment. The powerful practice for healing ‘Self-Urine Therapy’ has been referred in ‘Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi’, part of a 5,000-year old document called Damar Tantra linking this practice to Vedas, the sacred Hindu texts.

In Tantric yoga culture, this practice is termed as ‘amroli.’ Amroli comes from the root word ‘amar.’ They termed ‘shivambu’ as Holy Liquid. According to them, urine is more nutritious than even milk as you are not only physically benefited by the practice, but you become spiritually advanced because it is an elixir for body, mind and spirit.

‘The cosmic soul knows its need and takes to itself that which belongs to it. Auto Urine is Divine Nectar’ – Lord Shiva

Practical Steps to the Practice of Urine Therapy

Urine consists of 95 per cent of water, 2.5 per cent of urea and the remaining 2.5 per cent is a mixture of minerals, salts, hormones and enzymes. The theory of transmutation implies that the body is capable, through energetic exchange within, to transmute certain substances or molecules into other ones.

Short-circuiting the system by ingesting one's own secreted body fluids may stimulate the trans-mutational forces within and challenge the body to transform unusable substances into usable ones without being constantly disturbed by new external input. This leads to accelerated healing at the atomic level.

Before a fast: Two days before the fast, decrease the intake of protein-rich and heavy foods, especially fried and fatty foods. Fruit and raw vegetables are easily digestible and they work towards ensuring that the intestines clean themselves so the actual fast can easily begin. In this period, start drinking greater amounts of urine to get warmed up, collecting the midstream in a glass each time. At first, it may taste and seem very strange, but it is a powerful path towards self-acceptance and love.

Actual fast: Wake at 7am and be sure to drink filtered/distilled water throughout the entire fasting period. It is best if you do not work during the fast. Although some exertion is possible, rest and relaxation are important in order for the purifying process to take place undisturbed. Every time you need to pass urine, be sure to drink it around a pint each time alternating between that and the distilled water. Once the fast has been in progress for some time, all the urine can be drunk. In this period, you will urinate quite easily (urinating every fifteen minutes is not unusual).

A complete body massage every day with old, heated urine is highly recommended. Urine massage is good for blood circulation, and massaging with old urine also ensures that you do not experience heart palpitations during the fast. Furthermore, it serves as a way of feeding the body through the skin, immediately into the muscle and lymph tissue. If you are new to fasting, start with 24–36 hours, a three day fast is highly beneficial and anything after three days is excellent, especially if you are suffering from illness. A few days into the fast, you will feel very peaceful and a strong senses of well-being. It is advised during these times to take regular breaks and do some meditation.

After a fast: This period is necessary in order to slowly and carefully return to a normal and natural eating pattern. You should take at least one week to gradually and carefully readjust eating habits. The best way to end a fast is to stop drinking urine and water at the end of the afternoon. After one hour, drink a glass of orange juice, lemon juice with water, grape juice or apple juice. The next day, drink another glass of fruit juice during lunch. From this point on, start eating juicy fruits. The following day, consume vegetable broth, steamed vegetables and rice. This is a good way to return to your old pattern of eating, excluding the unhealthy habits.

For more information on urine therapy and its healing wonders, it is recommended you check out a book named: The Water of Life by J.W Armstrong[i].

In this revolutionary treatise, J.W. Armstrong puts the compelling case that all diseases (except those caused by traumatism or structural disorders) can be cured by one simple means. The therapy is an entirely drugless system of healing that treats the body as a whole. Moreover, the only ingredient needed is a substance manufactured in the body itself, rich in mineral salts, hormones and other vital substances, namely human urine. It may seem strange to take back into the body something that the body is apparently discarding. Yet the theory is similar to the natural practice of organic composting. Fallen leaves, when dug back into the soil, provide valuable mineral salts to nourish new plant life. The same principle holds true for the human body.’

This was excerpted from the YUSA Guide To Balance: Mind Body Spirit which you can view in full HERE where it’s available in physical and digital format. You can also see what our current worldwide readership is saying about the book. If you are outside of the UK we advise that you visit for your copy for more cost effective delivery costs.

[i] J.W Armstrong. Author of the book The Water of Life 1971