We over-stand that it is every human beings sole birth right on the planet to be granted access to the highest truth and upmost understanding of self to enable personal growth beyond the limitations and expectations of modern society.

Don't Be Like Them....

Many are at a crossroads in life and realise that the truth lies beyond what is portrayed in society today. In an age where information is so readily communicated, it's becoming increasingly difficult to decipher truth from disinformation with the external distractions that tend to steer the mind and awareness further from the true self. Investing time into self-improvement is essential for the achievement of peace, happiness, universal awareness, success and the opening of the doors to a balanced reality.

All iconic Gurus, Shaman, Buddhists or anybody with a connection to their true state would agree spiritual knowledge (knowledge of self) is again absolutely vital in order for you to achieve your dreams and desires. The primary aim of YUSA is to assist one with the life tools and guidance necessary for accelerated self-betterment which we have utilised on a personal level in order to realise internal fulfillment, self-betterment, expansion of consciousness for the highest good and achieve personal desires.

Amongst taking steps to learn more about yourself through studies there’s plenty of things that you can be doing which require very little studying or researching to understand why they can benefit

We are born from nature, it only seems right to return to it…
1. Start eating real food. Fruits, herbs, nuts and seeds. Uncooked.
2. Get outside more. Lots more, in fact as much as you possibly.
3. Less computer, more movement.
4. Take off your clothes and lay in the sun.
5. Take off your shoes and feel the earth.
6. Do something nice for someone for no reason at all. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
7. Stop thinking, start feeling.
8. Spend time alone in nature doing nothing as much as possible.
9. Simplify your life in every possible way.
10. Dance. Just do it, learn to let go and feel ok with being goofy. I got kicked out of a place last week for dancing. Lots of people in that restaurant wished they could be as free and child like as me, I could see it in their faces. Dance.

11. Take your partners hand, look them in the eyes and tell them how much you appreciate them. Do this ASAP.
12. Stretch your legs, arms and back gently.
13. Eat real, organic food.
14. Go to nature, where the air is fresh and just watch yourself breathe.
15. Go to a natural spring and harvest pure water in glass jars. Drink a 32 oz jar and hydrate yourself.
16. Find a fruit tree with ripe fruit and make a meal out of it (very powerful)
17. Get sunlight in your eyes and on your skin.

18. Miss a meal, or two. Everyone is eating WAY more than they need. It's making us fat and sick and numb.
19. Turn off the tv, computer and cell phone and go for a walk in nature. Listen to the birds. After liking and commenting on this post!
20. Be present right now.
21. Let someone in in traffic.
22. Intend to be more loving towards all from now on.
23. Forgive someone right now at depth. Completely just let it go. Give them a free pass. You made your fair share of mistakes. Come on...
24. Cultivate more honesty, integrity and humility and never stop until Divine Love is perfected in your being.
25. Lay on the ground somewhere and stay there until tears roll down your face about how sorry you are for allowing yourself to become so disconnected from your earthly mother. Then smile and be grateful that you can turn to her at any time and be blessed by the fact that she is there waiting for you, always loving you unconditionally with her arms wide open. Let us return to her ways and live in harmony with our Mother Earth. I love her and I love you, because we are love and in her we are one in the flesh and in God we are one in the spirit. We are the Earth tribe. Serve one another. Love one another. This is the path back to sanity and Peace. Amen Ra.