Changing the Karma

Karma, everybody has heard of it. Even though it’s been a part of everyday vocabulary since the 1960’2, most people only have a vague idea about it. Many may already have a slight idea regarding karma and how it actually works, although they may not refer to it as ‘karma’ but maybe ‘manifesting’ or ‘the power of positive thinking’ or even ‘conscious creation’.

Karma is actually a Sanskrit word, just like ‘chakra’. Sanskrit is the language of the ancients, and most importantly is the language of a spiritual culture – the Vedic culture of ancient India. After millennia of being shrouded in mystery the east is giving up its secrets, and complete understanding of karma is available to the entire world.

The Sanskrit language actually contains many words that have no direct equivalent in western languages. Together these words describe an entire worldview, a spiritual worldview, which stands in sharp contrast to the modern western (now global) worldview. Thus taking one word from it, such as yoga, or karma, cannot give a complete understanding since it must be over stood in the context of the entire worldview. Karma on the whole can be summed up in one word: reaction.

The general features of karma are:

· Karma is a law of the universe, just like the laws of physics. Chemistry or gravity, and operates with the same infallible dependability.

· Every desire you have, every action you perform generates a karmic reaction that eventually must be fulfilled.

· Actions that generate karma are akin to planting seeds that will fructify at some future. In this life or in a future life.

· Karma operates on two levels, individual and group/collective karma.

· You are born into circumstances that will facilitate the fulfilment of your karmic destiny.

· ‘Good’ karma gives us desirable results, while ‘bad’ karma gives us pain, suffering and trouble.

The karma of all collective and personal actions in the past is now coming back to haunt everybody on the planet. As mentioned, a huge cleansing and rebirth process is indeed upon humanity and we must be cleansed for the higher good. Most often in the form of temporary suffering. Karma in itself implies that it’s not the politicians, not the bankers, not the foreigners taking all the jobs, not any of the people whom we want to point the finger. Instead, it’s someone who we hardly ever point the finger at-ourselves.

Every human on the planet is indeed responsible for this huge debt, and it is one which must, and will be paid. The good news is that the suffering can be averted because karma can be changed. One of the most important things about karma is that every desire will be fulfilled. Every karmic reaction must be received-however long it takes, regardless of how many lifetimes one must be born again. Indeed, it’s the reaction of karma that generates future births in the world.

Acts of karma are like planting seeds that will fructify in time.

Economic issues can be individual or widespread affecting a large number of people, such as during an economic crisis, or war, such widespread suffering is understood to be collective karma. Humans can also have good group or collective karma- such as when there is peaceful coexistence, good relations, universal education, a high standard of living, widespread abundance, widespread happiness, satisfaction etc. Collective karma is generated by a group of people who together engage in ‘good’ or ‘bad’ karmic reactions.

You’re born into circumstances that fulfil your karmic destiny

It’s not by chance that you are born into a specific family, at a specific time and place. You are given a birth that will allow yourself to receive the karma generated in previous lifetimes, good and bad. Remember that karma is a universal law just like the law of attraction which makes no mistakes. The circumstances you are born into are a result of previous work, like it or not. By the same token you are creating in the current life the circumstances that will define the next life. Understanding the principle should be motivation to always do well and be good!

Children across the world are born into poverty or wealth, sickness or health, pleasant or unpleasant circumstances and many wonder why in the world could the universal creator or ‘god’ be so unjust. What did an unfortunate child do to deserve suffering in life? But the laws of the universe are not unjust. Every one of us have lived before and created the present circumstances of the current life out of free will. There is a higher power that controls this world, and all humans should be mindful that each and every soul on the planet can live a happy life if one lives in complete harmony with the laws of nature. So the question is, are you doing things in this life that will create a fortunate situation in the next birth, or are you contributing towards the actions, thoughts and feelings that will cause suffering? Everything is noted and everybody will reap what they have sown.

Karma generates both desirable and undesirable qualities

If in the current life you generate predominantly ‘good’ karma, then in the next life you will have an attractive and desirable personal qualities such as physical beauty, good health and strength, a good education and intelligence, fame, various natural skills, or perhaps even be a prodigy. ‘Bad’ karma on the other hand results in undesirable qualities in bodily appearance, bad health, lack of intelligence or poor education, lack of ability, and legal and financial problems. Understanding this unfailing law of the universe can give strong motivating to act with kindness from the heart not mind, following the golden rule that we should do unto others as we would like them to do to us.

The spiritually equal nature of all living beings

The universe is the creator of all life, therefore each and every being is equal –regardless of their position in this world. The ‘important’ people, the political leaders, company presidents have no more value than the street beggars. Each is a spiritual being and each has an equal place in relationship to the absolute.

When we say ‘living beings’ what exactly do we mean? Just people? Or plants, animals, insects and fish? Actually every living thing, because it is a spiritual spark, or soul that gives absolute life to every one of them-whether a bird, a tree, a cow, a human being, or even a germ-the life principle is the same. It is the spirit soul that is life, and that gives life to any material body.

The spirit soul wears the material body just like a suit of clothes, or rather uses the material body as a machine to fulfil its desires. The body is alive because life is present in the body in the form of spirit soul, but when the soul leaves the body, the body becomes lifeless, or dead. Actually the body is just matter, a bunch of chemicals, and is always ‘dead’. It is the soul that activates the body so the body itself appears to have life. Life comes from the soul; life is the soul. It’s not that you have a soul, you are the soul!

You are the life that comes and goes in countless bodies, changing one after another. The soul passes into another body at the time of death if reincarnation is chosen. Every aspect of creation is very deliberate and perfectly arranged and understanding how that is so allows you to cooperate with the plan of the universal creator so circumstances and events can run as smoothly as they can. Due to not understanding and not accepting this principle many ignorantly act against the laws of nature and often make a mess of things, which is what is happening right now, and bringing karmic reactions in the form of suffering through economic, social and political problems.

If humanity wants to over stand the scale of karmic debt, we all must be willing to acknowledge the scale of injustice that modern society creates and which all of us participate. But to do so the boundaries and mental limitations of society must be overlooked and nature must be considered above all.

The same ancient texts that explain karma also tell us of another world, a spiritual divine world where everyone is beautiful, and happy. In that world there is no suffering, no disease, eternal youth and no one ever dies. Life goes on there eternally in complete harmony. That perfect place is the spiritual world.

As a spiritual being you have the option to live either in this world you are in, or in that one, and amazingly, it’s the same actions of karma that bind many to the current world and carry many to the other one. Karma is based on desire. By hearing about and desiring to enter the spiritual world one can transfer themselves there but must first learn to do the things that are done there. You must become qualified to enter there by engaging in spiritual activities.

Just as the material body requires food for sustenance, your spiritual body requires sustenance as well. But not fully over standing this will in fact neglect to feed the soul and therefore results in emptiness deep within- a longing and hankering for something fulfilling and meaningful. However you may try to fulfil this need with various types of material enjoyments, the emptiness continues. Maybe the point of despair is reached even if everything the world has to offer is in ones grasp.

The supreme universal creator cannot be seen and is transcendental to this material realm and is therefore beyond human ability to see with material eyes. But it is known that that the creator can be reached through the waves of sound and will be ever present, providing the spiritual sustenance. Each and every day practice the mantra below for heart purification, karma purification and to gain a deeper sense of self.

Repeat 108 times:





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