The Universal Law of Attraction

The most efficient way to over-stand the Law of Attraction is to first return to the realisation that you are an important part of the vibrational Universe. Information travels through waves of light, and formless light energy is the foundational structure of atomic form. The world is not an inanimate collection of stones and timber. It is a living entity, constructed by the heartbeats of humanity. Whether we are speaking about humans, cars, money or houses, it is all energy, consisting of electrons, protons and neutrons: positive and negative.

The Law of Attraction is one of the most fundamental of all universal laws. Outpacing the laws of gravity and the law of velocity, it is well beyond the measurements of science. The Law of Attraction is who you are.

The way in which your brain emits a range of frequencies is very similar to a radio being ‘tuned’ into a desired station. For instance, if you’re tuned into one frequency, you cannot hear what is being broadcasted on another as they operate on different wavelengths. Only by focusing your mind to one frequency are you able to align with a broadcasted desire. Over-standing that the brain transmits and receives vibrational energy (and can do so on a wide range of vibrational frequencies) is fundamental for many aspects of personal growth.

Although the energy of thought sustain powerful vibrations, the emotional frequencies derived from the heart space are another, but much more potent in nature. Think of it this way; your focused thoughts derived from the mind’s eye acts as the steering wheel to your goals whilst the hearts emotional stream and burning desire acts as the gas pedal to your dreams. This is the process of creation; you really have to feel like you would when you have your desire right in the present moment (the now). Think and act like you have it, then it’s a done deal. No creation happens outside of self. There is no lack or limitation, only error in thought.

To simplify this law, the experiences (within your sphere of reality) are the circumstances that match the vibrational frequency and intention of your thoughts and heart felt emotions. This is very similar to the law of karma. What goes around comes around, so to speak. You are transmitting frequencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the universe is responding in accordance.

As your brain transmits vibrational frequencies, it affects physical matter as the deepest levels of all matter are bound by light. Light travels at 186,000 miles a second, and to do so, it must flow through constant ether. Everything in the Universe moves, vibrates and expands. Nothing ever remains stagnant.

There are four levels of thought consciousness

1. Unconscious Unconsciousness - At this stage, you are not even aware that you are unconscious. You attract negative things into your life at a rapid pace, like a negative ball of energy rolling downhill. Nothing is ever your fault, and you are always looking for someone to blame. (Most people never make it out of level one and are condemned to suffer in this self-imposed hell of an inner world).

2. Conscious Unconsciousness - Here you are aware of your negative thinking and the consequences it may bring. You might see your negative pattern and have become aware of what it is that you are attracting. You may not like what you are attracting, but you have taken responsibility for it.

3. Conscious Consciousness - You deliberately decide to focus pure and positive thought about something and remove all resistance to its arrival. Your creation might be something as simple as visualising a parking space opening up for you at the supermarket. You deliberately intended it, allowed it to come to you and acknowledged it when it arrives. In due course, it arrives.

4. Unconscious Consciousness - When you get to this point, you do not have to work so hard to create things in your life. You are a believer in how the ‘mind game’ works, and you spend conscious time each day making your mind important. New creations come to you easily and quickly; everything you do is unconsciously competent! You have built a positive ball of energy that continues to roll forward in your favour. People label you the ‘lucky one’.

A large majority are stuck in stage one. They hold the belief that they do not have the power to make major changes in their own lives and for that reason could not possibly be creating their own reality optimally. What they don't realise is that their thoughts and feelings simply send out the initial signals into the Universal field. These specific energies are then amplified by the cosmos and returned in order to create unique life experiences ultimately rearranging one’s personal circumstances.

If only people knew that they have the energetic power to ask the Universe to change their reality, they would over-stand that they are not weak and helpless victims of circumstances and nothing less than empowered Children of Light exercising their birth right as co-creator beings.

Every soul is empowered to ask the Universe because the Universe is also a construct of light. When you send a signal out in the Universe, you are sending a signal into the essence of your own being. The Universe recognises you as a Child of Light, one with itself in essence therefore obliged to obey the specific request. Manifesting your own reality is fundamentally you and the Universe as one, progressing together as a whole. This is the real secret of your own higher nature and your inner power.

‘We are all connected to each other biologically, to the earth chemically and to the rest of the universe atomically’. ~ Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Manifestation of your thoughts from the etheric to the physical

The universe is mind. Mind is creation. Thoughts hold electromagnetic energies, and the hearts emotional value is raw subatomic power. Absolutely everything whether matter or consciousness is connected through a vast nervous system, a frequency pattern which is a product of a higher vibratory realm.

Within the construct of your body’s nervous system, neurons and synapses deliver rapid electrical impulses between your five main senses and the brain, engineered in order for you to feel and be aware of pain and so forth. Similarly, your thoughts and emotions are delivered as electrical impulses into the core of the creator/universal field and are returned. It is said humans were created in the image of ‘god’, you could apply this to the metaphysical image of what you truly are, the construct and makeup of your luminous energy body. We explore this topic further in the spirit chapter.

Seventy percent of the universe is thought to consist of dark energy and matter, again formless in nature. The whole spectrum of light is birthed from darkness. Darkness or the colour visually known as ‘black’ cannot be formed from a lighter vibrational spectrum without returning upon itself. This concept suggests that all of creation manifests from darkness.

How does this piece of information provide any benefit for you as a co-creator being? Well, when you close your eyes, there is a void. Metaphorically, it is a void of pure darkness. This is the dimension of the mind and third eye that looks inwardly. The third eye is located in the centre of the brain; physically, it takes a form similar to a small raisin, the seat of the soul. In actuality, it is your first eye, the All-Seeing Eye.

Positive change comes from the process of applying the four Universal Laws of Creation. Below are the four main steps of manifestation using the mind:

1.) Attraction - Creating strong desire to see a particular thing manifest. First, you have to have a burst of inspiration, a new idea or Thought = Mental Plane (steering wheel of focus).

2.) Intention - Regular (daily) focus upon the desired outcome, invested with the emotion you will feel at the time it manifests. Then you ‘feel’ the goose bumps, gratitude and emotions attached to this Inspiration = Spiritual Plane (plane of emotional energy and burning desire)

3.) Allowance – Forget the how and leave the orchestration of events to the universe.

Then you take action on your goals, meaning your emotions have now become active or ‘in motion’, thus energy in motion and as you move or are in motion, you create force. As movement occurs, it causes unseen atomic particles to electrically ‘attract’ to your holographic image or images, coming from the black space of your Mind (darkness). Magnetic Attraction and FORCE = Plane of Force (law of attraction).

4.) Balance – Pursuing your peace, passions and joy in the midst of manifestation creation. You then begin to experience the specific manifestation in the three Solid visible realities as persons you might meet to assist you into bring this idea into solid reality, places that you might go to bring this IDEA into Solid Reality, or things you might need to acquire to bring this Thought, IDEA, or Inspiration into Solid Reality.

Central to this creative process is the core belief and faith in what you desire is really going to come forth and take place. When that core belief is strong enough to become faith, the whole process steps up a gear. Through a faith-filled link with the Universe, you transcend time and create in a more effective manner.

Faith holds great importance as it is the most intense and focused energetic form in which a core belief can be moulded. When you hold the vibration of complete faith, aligning it with your energy, higher self and physical body, your whole being is then functioning in a state of equanimity and oneness. Oneness is the nature of the Real. Through the ability to function in this manner, you start to resonate in harmony with the Universal Web, engaging in direct and instant creation. You now have the power to change all circumstances that are present within your sphere of reality.

We expand on visualisation methods further on the meditation page. Also, in the spirit section, we delve deeper into the workings of creation from the heart space, harnessing and aligning with the vast, spacious energy that is present at the centre of your being.

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